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RubyConf BR 2013

Mês passado estive no Brasil participando da RubyConf BR. Esta é a segunda vez que participo do evento, que em sua 6a edição reuniu mais de 800 desenvolvedores no teatro Frei Caneca em São Paulo. Apresentei a palestra Como pegar um Trem em movimento, onde falei sobre algumas práticas e convenções que facilitam na integração […]

Refactoring at ORUG

Here is the slides for the Refactoring talk I did last Thursday at the Orlando Ruby User Group meeting. In case you want to hear me speaking along with the slides, I’ve put it up on vcasmo also. Refactoring View more documents from Caike Souza.

Using Authlogic for general email validation

In case you are using Authlogic for authentication in your Rails apps, then you are probably using its email format validation in the user registration step. You get this validation for free just by specifying your model to acts_as_authentic: class User < ActiveRecord::Base acts_as_authentic end That’s it for the user model and its registration field validations […]

Writing expressive code

Software developers read a lot more code than they actually write. An application source code is nothing but a story written using a specific language. It has state and describes behaviour. Code written once, will be read millions of times. For the most part, it will be read by a compiler who doesn’t really look for […]

Cucumber and Wowspec

It was back in September of last year that I first heard about RSpec. The possibility of bringing requirements in the form of User Stories straight to code amazed me and I quickly started playing around with its Story Runner. In order to try out RSpec SR, I came up with a few lines of […]

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