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Coding Dojo learning process – Velocity

In our most recent¬†Coding Dojo session here in Orlando I realized something really interesting about our team’s velocity.¬†I feel like other people doing Coding Dojos may have realized this as well, so I’ll try and put it into words properly. Briefly, below is how we run our sessions: Planning The Coding Dojo session starts with […]

ftp upload in one command

As part of a backup routine, I had to upload a file to an ftp server. It actually took me some time to figure out how to do this with one command, so I thought I’d post it here: curl -sS -T ${FILE_PATH}/${FILE_NAME} –ftp-pasv \ ftp://${FTP_USER}:${FTP_PWD}@${FTP_URL}/${FILE_NAME} This example is uploading the file to the ftp […]

Refactoring at ORUG

Here is the slides for the Refactoring talk I did last Thursday at the Orlando Ruby User Group meeting. In case you want to hear me speaking along with the slides, I’ve put it up on vcasmo also. Refactoring View more documents from Caike Souza.

Autotesting PHP applications (and others)

So you’ve probably heard of ZenTest/Autotest, right? In case you haven’t, it is a Ruby gem that (among other things) automatically runs your tests whenever it notices that a file in you project has changed. It’s a great productivity boost, because it saves you from having to run your tests each time you make a […]

AppleScript for my Rails terminal tabs

While working on a Rails project I always have at least 4 different Terminal tabs that I use for spork server autospec ./script/server command line stuff (generators and general shell commands) Setting up the tabs all the time is kind of a boring and repetitive task. This truly deserved some automation and it was the […]

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